Communication and leadership – Seminars S+P – Seminar No. E08

„The perfect Wire“ to employees and colleagues – empathy and assertiveness

  • By targeted employee conversations boost motivation and performance level
  • Correct use of feedback conversations and performance control as a management tool
  • Sovereign appearance through proper reasoning and decision-making power
  • Confidently accepting challenges in leadership


Communication and leadership - Seminars S+P


Target group for Communication and leadership – Seminars S+P

  • Managing directors, owners, directors and entrepreneurs.
  • Managers, department heads, team leaders, human resources managers, sales managers, production managers and commercial managers.


Your benefits with Communication and leadership – Seminars S+P

  • Successfully lead with employee interviews and target agreements
  • Sovereignty through professional communication and reasoning
  • Communicating correctly in demanding leadership situations


Successfully conducting employee talks and target agreements

  • Successfully conduct target agreement conversations
  • Avoid misunderstandings and escalations in the employee conversation
  • Delegation of tasks – which type of employee manages which task most successfully?
  • Performance control to the right extent
  • Feedback: drive or motivation killer?
  • Professional handling of insufficient performance


Participants will receive with Communication and leadership – Seminars S+P

> S+P Management tool: Effectively manage target agreement conversations

> S+P Test „What is your delegation behavior?“


Sovereignty through professional communication and reasoning

  • Make decisions and communicate convincingly through effective communication
  • Avoid typical decision-making traps or selectively resolve
  • Secure assessment of the scope of decisions
  • Convincing don’t persuade – techniques for effective reasoning
  • Self-confident appearance – The A and O of strong communication
  • Safe handling of objections and disagreements


Participants will receive with Communication and leadership – Seminars S+P

> S+P Guide: Decide and communicate in four steps

> S+P Test: Evaluating Your own communication strengths

> S+P Guide: Negotiating successfully in difficult situations


Communicating correctly in demanding management situations

  • Do you know your employee types? Effect of different management styles
  • Rebel staff don’t accept game rules and executives!
  • Professional basic Setting – understanding conflict conversations as an opportunity
  • Emotions take into account – what are your team members ‚ expectations and concerns?
  • Identify and manage tensions with superiors and team members at an early stage


The participants will receive the S+P leadership tests and case studies:

> S+P Checklist „Successful employee selection according to the DISC-concept“

> S+P Guide „Detect and resolve conflicts“


Management – Communication and leadership – Seminars S+P

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